Honorary President of the 42nd edition
Waterloo National Pee-Wee Tournament

Yannik Morin

Sport has always taken a GIGANTIC place in my life. It is without hesitation that I accepted the role of Honorary President of the 42nd edition of the tournament! I consider myself immensely blessed to have been chosen by the organizing committee and I am convinced that this experience will be very rewarding.

Over the last twenty years, as a fitness trainer, I was a lot in touch with young hockey players. "I must skate faster, Yan!", "Yan, I have to improve my slapshot" !! and the classic "Yan, I must gain weight this summer !!!" Each of them was illuminated by a dream and inspired by his/her passions. I saw them giving themselves, body and soul, into their sport as an integral part of the DNA of Quebecers.

In 2002, while I was on the bus in the heart of Salt Lake City and rolling towards the Olympic Village, a man with white hair sat next to me "Hi, what's your name?" "Yannik Morin, I'm a Bobsleigh racer for the Canadian team, and you?"... He answered me with a modest tone that his name was Pat Quinn. "I'm sorry, M.Quinn" said I, since I did not recognize the man who, on the next day, was behind the bench of the winning team of a seventh Olympic gold medal in men's hockey. "You do not have to apologize," he told me. "I did not recognize you, neither!! "

This friendly approach was followed by a great conversation on Brodeur, Lemieux, Yzerman and others. I also asked him about his life behind the bench, his fears and questions and for the big match. I realized that a hockey neophyte like me, was probably the best person to be open for real hockey man. Our conversation ended thus: "M.Quinn, good luck, I am sure everything will be fine. "

The next day, I watched the game at the village with a new look, I understood that the emotional rollercoaster, driven by our thirst exceeded, never stops, no matter our status and experience. For some young players, that inner flame will fire up at the 42nd edition of the Waterloo National Pee-Wee Tournament... Someday, I'll be proud to say that I was there and, for that, I am very happy!

Yannik Morin
Honnonary President of the 42nd edition
Olympian bobsledder,
Mr. Universe Natural 1998,
Double medalist at the Pan American Championships in track cycling,
Fitness coach and Owner of Waterloo's gym: La Taule